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Mail-in Voting

Ballot creation date: 07/22/2020


Facts: 'Mail-in voting' is different from the 'Absentee Ballot' voting method. 'Absentee Ballots' (requested in the past mostly by overseas Military personnel who don't have easy access to a US voting place) are mailed out to voters who are alive enough to have requested the Ballot to be sent personally to them, from a legitimate current, and verified list, and that they can send back to a legitimate vote-counting place by a certain date to be counted in time for voting day. 'Mail-in Ballots' are mailed out to addresses from an unverified list of either currently registered voters, or any list that local or State politics can make, regardless of being current, verified, or not. People on these lists could have moved, could be long dead, or could have not existed at all. Anyone who receives these unrequested Ballots in the mail, or laying in the Post Office as 'Undeliverable', can vote on them and send them in for counting. In some voting Districts, a live, legitimate voter can vote with the 'Mail-in Ballot', and then vote again in person. In some voting Districts, who have a high percentage of voters from one party, can have a mail-man from another party who can just destroy all 'Mail-in Ballots' received for delivery in that District. Facts: The 'Mail-in' vote-counting place is not required to verify if the voters are alive, or are Citizens eligible to vote at all. Showing up in person on voting day with a valid and universally accepted ID and name-checked against a current validated list by address, satisfies the historical voting requirements in the United States. 'Mail-in Ballot' methodology does not require the counting of all 'Mail-in Ballots' that the vote counting place doesn't have the time, equipment, or desire, to count by 'the day of voting', as required by the US Constitution. Fact: The 'Mail in vote' methodology also allows vote counting to be delayed past election day, ignored, or just their existence faked to delay counting. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The last two Facts above seem to explain that the writers of the US Constitution did not have the time or paper to reasonably justify addressing every little mis-interpretation that any nefarious bozo could imagine. For example, no where in the US Constitution does it require that a person has to actually PROVE, when running for President, that they were naturally born within the United States or its jurisdiction, with documentation, Church or witness record, or any other verification that could be acceptably obvious to at least half the people. Get away with that type of oversite, and risk saying goodby to the USA as it is currently known. And the US today is becoming known, not as the land of opportunity, but as the land of free things for anyone who can put their tippy toes across the border and ignore the laws. Plenty of help from thiefs on this side. 'Mail-in Ballots' are an attempt to replace the American Ballot Box and create confusion. 'Absentee Ballots', an established methodology, allow the American Ballot Box to be accessed by US Citizens, mostly abroad, who are mainly in the service of the US Government and US Military, and known to be alive by current record, signature, and name. Obama said in 2016 that Trump should go quietly if Clinton won that election, which was highly expected. Former President Barak Hussein Obama said this year, 2020, that he was wrong in 2016… that it was now possible to rig a Presidential election, and that mail-in ballots should preclude President Trump from doing it. Those who listened to President Obama in 2016 should not be listening to him now. Instituting 'Mail-in Ballots' can nullify much voter ID and verification of the voter even being alive. Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton said this week that even if Former VP Joe Biden loses to President Donald Trump in 2020, that he should not concede, but continue to campaign as if he actually won the election. Presumably as has been mentioned in the Media, if Biden could 'hang in' to confuse a clearly acceptable winner of the election until January 20, 2021, then Nancy Pelosi or Kevin McCarthy could become 'acting President' (depending on the winning party majority in the 2020 House elections). 'Mail-in Ballots' are presently against the common logic of a free country when the theft of votes can be so easily enhanced without a verification in all States that the methodology maintains the integrity of the Ballot Box. 'Mail-in Ballots' for President could provide enough uncertainty in counting and verifying votes for the top leader, that without martial law, some major chaos in United States could result. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft by the Main Stream Media and Democrat Party of American peace of mind and trust in government by attempting to partially replace, summarily without testing or popular acceptance, the previously accepted voting methodology for electing a US President

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