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General Subject: Trump Administration

Gen. Flynn Lies

Ballot creation date: 05/09/2020


Fact: General Flynn admitted to lying under oath to FBI officials about having conversations with a Russian official. Fact: These conversations were considered by the FBI to constitute collusion, which is not a crime if no criminal intent is established as a purpose for these conversations. (See MOT Ballot “Flynn Firing”, creation date 02/15/2017.) Fact: No criminal intent was established. Crimes involving leaking, placed against General Flynn, were later established. Facts: The Justice Department last week admitted that it had made a mistake by ignoring Due Process and the Constitution, and that even senior FBI officials did not think that General Flynn lied. The Justice Department determined that such lying prosecutions against General Flynn had been illegal, and dropped all charges against General Flynn. Fact: To remove the prosecution from the Justice System after any guilty plea has been entered, it appears a Federal Judge has to make the determination to drop the case. However, nothing in the news has mentioned any legal Statute that gives this delaying authority to any judge. Fact: In this case a Judge Emmet Sullivan, who had and has a political Democrat (not democratic) record, is apparently the determining authority to drop the case against General Flynn, even though the US Justice Department has determined that all charges are dropped and that the prosecution was illegitimate.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Terrorism and torture are methodologies to extort information, gain action, gain non-action, or gain an admission of guilt to a crime. Terrorism and torture are also herein defined as actions that cause either permanent physical or spiritual, or permanent monetary or property loss (as in Banana Republics, and Communist societies). Waterboarding, though also a methodology for extortion of information, does not constitute torture in that it does not cause permanent physical or monetary/property/spiritual loss, but can cause long-lasting emotional trauma. (Ooooh! Let's listen to some in America who can equate water-boarding as equal to giving a person the choice of being burned to death, or falling to death from a tall building with no chance of escape from certain death out a high window onto hard pavement! - as in 9/11). After the FBI caused General Flynn the entire loss of his home and savings for legal costs of self-defense that were based on unfounded accusations, the FBI threatened to provide the same type of costly accusations against General Flynn’s son, unless General Flynn admitted to lying under oath, even though the lie was as harmless to anyone as chatting once with a street person. This entire procedure has been exposed recently as having had the sanction, or was the original idea, of President Obama during President Trump’s first term. Information and admissions of guilt were finally re-realized as far back as the Middle Ages, as being unreliable or untrue if gained under torture. BUT TORTURE CAN WORK FOR FOR SOME DURING A SHORT PERIOD OF  EVIL POWER AND THEFT.  The FBI’s actions intended to extort an admission of guilt from General Flynn, that was gained under a tortuous and illegal threat against his family, caused a complete and permanent monetary loss of General Flynn’s assets, including the monetary value that his reputation would have provided as a consultant or author that would eventually expose today's FBI intent. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft by former President Obama and Judge Emmet Sullivan of a US Citizen’s Human Rights that would otherwise have been maintained by their compliance with, and adherence to, the US Constitution

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