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General Subject: Health Care


Ballot creation date: 03/18/2020


Fact: This worldwide virus (Coronavirus, Covid-19) originated in the country (not race) of China. Fact: This virus was allowed to be released to the world by the Communist Government (not the people) that controls the activities of the Chinese people and who influence other socialist countries. Fact: As related to worldwide pandemics of the past, thus far the numbers of deaths, and the projected number of deaths resulting from the Coronavirus are less compared to numbers of deaths that result yearly from the flu, automobile accidents, drug abuse, and blue-collar crime, and nearly the same as suicides in the United States. Fact: Thus far the United States is better equipped, and least harmed, by the Coronavirus than any other country in the world. Fact: The United States is a Republic, and the reporting within it of population related figures is historically more accurate and realistic than those figures reported in a Socialistic government. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It appears that the much larger harm to Americans is not due to the Coronavirus itself, but to the constant influence by the Main Stream Media that makes the reaction to the virus much more mentally and economically debilitating and harmful than it can possibly do by itself biologically. We (Americans) have fought similar scourges in the past. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the degree of theft of truth of the situation from American Citizens by the Main Stream Media (MSM) falsely denigrating the efforts of the President and his team, and without viable historical reference, projecting a high probability of doom and hopelessness upon the consciousness of the uninformed and unaware, instead of projecting real hope of relief, a sense that historically has existed as part of the working character of Americans from our beginning.

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