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General Subject: Impeachment

Impeachment 2

Ballot creation date: 02/05/2020


Fact: “Impeachment” is a ‘Due Process’ (not a US Justice Department Court of Law) US Constitutional power given to the House of Representatives to formally accuse the President (or others in Government) of ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors, Bribery, Treason’, or in this case, Obstruction of Congress, and ‘not doing his job’ for the purpose of removal from office, not jail or other punishment. Fact: The accusation evidence (documentary and witness testimony) is, in accordance with US Constitutional legal procedures, collected by the House of Representatives, and sent to the US Senate, which has Constitutionally been given the power to be both Judge and Jury of the Impeachment accusation. Based on the evidence provided, the Senate then decides on one of two outcomes, with one of two sentences. These two decisions and sentences are 1. Guilty (with a 67+ Senator vote count of Guilty)  or  Not Guilty of any accusation (with a 66 or less Senator vote count of Guilty), and 2. Removal from Office if Guilty, or ‘life goes on as before’ if Not Guilty of all accusation(s), which is called ‘Acquittal’, or 'Aquittal Forever' of the Impeachment accusation(s). Fact: There was no crime, 'High' or otherwise, (including treason, bribery, or the 18th century concept of 'misdemeamor') that the House of Representatives accused the President of committing. Fact: The President was acquitted of all accusations of  the Impeachment last week based on the evidence presented by the House of Representatives, and with the evidence gained and presented without Due Process, without Constitutional Rights given to the accused concerning facing and cross-examining witnesses or presenting his own, and without the underlying Constitutional and American way of ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. 

(Please see Mot Ballots, “Impeachment” 12/08/2018, “Impeachment Due Process” 10/04/2019, and "Reps Pelosi and Schiff" 10/01/2019.)

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Because it was almost universally accepted by Democrat and Republican, and the US voting population, that the ‘Acquittal’ was a foregone conclusion all along because the Republicans outnumbered the Democrats in the deciding part of Government, why was it pursued to the end by the Democrats? The surface reason is obviously an attempt to place the President in an ongoing bad position of being a ‘criminal in defense’ during the 2020 Presidential election process. But where is the theft? Obviously it is the theft of time, money, and otherwise productive attention and energy from the American people, by an influential Democrat group in the Congress, some of whom stomp out of meetings, tear up documents in front of world TV camera coverage, provenly lie in public, accuse the President of things they are guilty of, go on for years about crimes they invented or are committing themselves, and generally act like spoiled children who have never had adequate parental guidance on the bounds required to function in our society. They may have penetrated your boundary between theft and insanity in the MOT view of things. Or our founding fathers may have inadvertently provided a methodology (Impeachment) to also expose, in a free country, another form of accusing parasite within that could destroy us. This Mot Poll Ballot weighs the degree of theft of time, tax money, and productive attention and energy from the American people by the Democrat Party, through their influence of lies and subterfuge, for money and esteem in order to continue their lives securely within the safe and lucrative, if not caught and punished, Margin of Theft.

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