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General Subject: Rules of Engagement

Killing Soleimani

Ballot creation date: 12/28/2019


Fact: The UN designated terrorist, and senior Iranian General Soleimani, was blown up outside the Bagdad, Iraq International Airport last week by a US Hellfire air-to-ground missile, from a US drone aircraft, operated by US military personnel. Fact: General Soleimani was validated as having been responsible for the deaths of over 600 American military personnel (mainly through roadside bombs, and other terrorist activities) and tens of thousands of civilians. Fact: Many in the US Main Stream Media and Government have reported in a variety of ways that this ‘killing’ was accepted as being not in the best interest of the US, or was treasonous murder, or was the result of a decision by a deranged or insane US President. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Iran has nothing the US really needs or wants. Iran radical Islam leadership wants free money and stuff from the US, while promising to kill all Americans in the future regardless of obtaining anything. This is not a sane point of departure for any negotiation by any person on either side. However, of probably more importance, is the harmful effect that negative Media opinions, not based on fact, can have on the perceptions of many in society. A country cannot remain healthy with a profusion of this type of theft. This Mot Poll ballot weighs the theft from American solidarity and integrity by those in the Media and Government who degraded this terrorist war death with expressions that purported overall US public discontent.

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