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General Subject: Mid East

Mid East Negotiations to 8/29/2013

Ballot creation date: 08/28/2013


Fact: The Mideast is and has been geographically located at trade-route chokepoints between East and West (Silk Road, Suez Canal, Mediterranean shipping lanes, oil pipelines) for nearly all of recorded history. Fact: Cultures and religions have developed there (with the exception of Israel today) that are dictatorial in nature. Fact: The US is not energy dependent for survival on Mideastern energy trade. Fact: The countries of the Mideast make little or nothing that other countries desire. They have things to trade, such as oil, East-West choke-point geographical position control (gate keeping), and tourist attractions, in exchange for made things. Fact: The Mideast countries desire what other countries make. Fact: Today they trade the oil and minerals that they have underground for the manufactured things they desire. In addition they trade protection service from other countries and from themselves (extortion) to insure the flow of their source of raw energy material. These insurance costs are described as extortion, blackmail, bribery, and baksheesh, which are actions of theft or a 'commission' within the process of trade. Fact: Terrorism is an instrument for extortion.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The ruling classes of the Mideast profit by obtaining manufactured goods and services in exchange for natural resources and some administrative work, which does not constitute theft, only trade. The Western populations profit by obtaining raw materials in exchange for energy and materials for making things that increase the quality of life for their own and other peoples. Major Western side-benefits include providing jobs, better life, and a larger sense of purpose. Major Eastern side-benefits include providing jobs, and a better life for a leadership class through large brokerage fees that include power and control over their peoples for further and unlimited goods and personal services for their leaders. This is an accepted trade, without judgment on how different societies choose to function. However the manipulative possibilities of insuring this trade, the control of choke-points for movement, cause governmental powers to create additional justifications for their existence and lifestyle through personal powers over operations and the exigencies of war and its associated weaponry. This constitutes a theft from populations without defense from both sides of the trade. These countries, of whatever variation or sect of their 6th century belief system, produce little and provide no service that anyone else needs or wants in the West. They comprise ‘toll-booth’, vaguely boundaried countries whose cultures didn’t allow the technology, will, or desire to either find or to use the natural resources beneath their terrain. But cultural toll-booth people are very good at collecting tolls after the bridge is built and paid for by somebody else. Their leadership uses internal religious beliefs for the control and free acquisition of wealth by the threat of death both in the here-and-now, and in the afterlife. In the past they have used terrorism locally to achieve their goals. Because of Western technological advancements and the enablement of travel, organized terrorism has been exported worldwide. The United States has allowed freedom of all religions within its borders, except for the religion of extortion through terrorism that results in the murder of US Citizens inside the United States or its sovereign territories and embassies elsewhere. And, in this case, as in WWII, there is a requirement to constantly eliminate or inoculate against negotiation with terrorist States. This MOT Ballot weighs the recent theft through Presidential sequestration from American protection capabilities by Presidential negotiations with terrorist States and caliphates.

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