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General Subject: Impeachment

Impeachment Due Process 2

Ballot creation date: 11/02/2019


Facts: The House of Representatives last week voted new procedures for Impeachment. This vote was promoted beforehand to be bi-partisan by Speaker of the House Pilosi, and it was. Two Democrats and all Republicans voted against it. Fact: This procedure passed, and stipulated that the defendant would not have the right to be faced by his ‘Whistleblower’ accuser, that the identity of the Whistleblower would be kept secret, that testimonies by all accusers with representatives of the defendant (Legal Counsel) would take place in secret, and that all transcripts of these secret proceedings could be edited for content by the Impeachment Committee Chairman (Rep. Schiff) prior to any release to the public. Fact: Several months ago, the Democrat-controlled House changed the qualifications of a Whistleblower to include those with only 'second-hand' to ‘fourth-hand’ information, or ‘Hearsay’, instead of allowing, as before, only information gathered 'first-hand' by the Whistleblower.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Now let us get this right. The Democratic party of the House of Representatives has denied the use here of nearly all major historical legal rights of defendants in Courts of Law, of all free countries in history. A secret chamber, with unidentified accuser(s), is allowed to determine information for actions against a publicly elected person without any of the testimony and evidence considered in its entirety to be publicly seen. This, in large part, comprises the same legal system as those of Communist countries and other theocracies and caliphates. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of due process provided in the Constitution from the American People by this current Democratic majority in the US House of Representatives

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