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1619 - US Beginning

Ballot creation date: 08/07/2019


Fact: The MSM (Main Stream Media) and Democrat Party this week are promoting the history that America began in the year 1619 AD (Anno Domini - ‘The Year of Our Lord’). Facts: This ‘history’ includes that the cause of this US beginning was the importation of African slaves from Angola, Africa, that America was therefore immorally started on the labor of these Black slaves, and that it follows that America was based on the immoral exploitation of human beings. Fact: It is then concluded by the MSM that, to make things right and fair, money should be paid to the children’s, children’s, children’s, children’s, children who may be current relatives of the original parents who suffered to start the United States of America. Fact: Last month, the MSM was concentrating on the universal ‘Racism’ of Republicans. Fact: Before ‘Racism’, the MSM was concentrating on the Impeachment of the US President. Fact: Before ‘Impeachment’, for over two years, the MSM and Democrat Party was focused on ‘Collusion with Russians’ by the US Presidency. Fact: Many Democrat Candidates this year for the Presidency have mentioned their profound desire to ‘Protect Our Democracy'.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is difficult to prioritize the factual inconsistencies here that are presented as a basis for argument or debate. It can be concluded that the reason for this non-relative discussion is because the Democrats and MSM have little basis, so far, upon which to stand for discussion…. starting with the value placed on American words. The power of the Press constantly assumes the ignorance of the American people with the re-definition of American words and phrases through 'Political Correctness'. The phrase, 'Illegal Alien', for example, is even prohibited from use in New York if used in a "derogatory" manner. As with many past Democrat Presidential regulations, things are required or prohibited that are 'appropriate' or not, and 'adequate', or not. This enables judgments and fines (another form of tax) by unelected officials. Also, this Republic establishes rules by some democratic principles, such as 'rule by majority'. However this does not mean the majority of the entire population, as with a mob. Elected and appointed people, like members of Congress, the Electoral College, and the Supreme Court, all replace mob rule of the entire country. Many ‘Founding Fathers’ of our country, in recorded, ‘more accurate’ histories (Federalist Papers) didn’t even like referring to the word, “Democracy”.  This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the Media and Democrat Party theft of available public time by inventing this 1619 history for political and greedy reasons.

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