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General Subject: Immigration

Racism and Immigration

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Facts: Many US cities (plus the entire States of California and Oregon) during the past 50 years that were, and remain governed by Democrats, are now perceived in large part as being dirty, deteriorated, highly-taxed, without previous property rights by Americans, and emotionally depressing places to live in today (compared to the rest of the US). Many of those who cannot, or won’t, live in these areas are moving, if able, to places that are culturally and economically more American. (See MOT Ballot, "US Racism", 2015, and MOT Ballot, "Liberia, Culture, and Obama", 2013.)

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The emphasis on race differences is a huge smoke screen to disguise the real intent of the Left, the Swamp, the Press, the Democrats, the ‘New World Order’, Socialism, Communism, and Fascism. (It is nearly as detrimental to society as the perpetual smoke screen use by the Left of the word ‘immigrant’ in place of the words ‘illegal immigrant’.) The theft-related, not race-related, things being covered up by this smoke screen are ‘cultural differences’ in America, not race-related. These cultural differences comprise the focused intent to steal with impunity the produced things and services provided by the Working Middle Class, which so far comprises most of America. These operative cultural differences of intent, largely within ‘Elite' circles, and those involved with political power, drugs, and crime, are a small part of other assimilated cultures that did not entirely assimilate into the American culture, often even after generations of them being US Citizens. And, in spite of many generous, unfair ‘race allowances’ by Americans to the degradation of all Americans (Examples: Affirmative Action and rampant Welfare abuses), these cultures that didn’t fully assimilate into the American culture today are parts of those that originated elsewhere, often lay dormant, sometimes for centuries. Some values of these ancient Mafia-type tribal cultures consist of exploitation and theft for sustenance, not on sustaining or even developing things for a better life for themselves and all Americans. This stealing and extortion was and is not a matter of race. A small part of those theft-culture-bearers did not assimilate the love and appreciation of American culture or the US Constitution. (A good 'Melting Pot' for the metal of a society cannot take in too much dirt with the ore and remain 'good' ore for any metal.) And it is historically seen that the higher one is in a societal money-order, the easier one can steal with impunity from others (like more 'perks' and skimming by the illegal brokering from monetary Government deals). The latent ‘rogue’ parts of these sub-cultures today use, as a smoke-screen to hide theft, 'Racism' as a form of Original Sin. Racism, and the lucrative accusation of it, is used as something to be guilty of, as an ‘energy diversion’ away from recognizing the true intent of the accusers, which is theft. From about 1865 to 1965, Racism was not an operating part of American government and culture. Then the ‘guilt’ of racism was introduced into American society, the manifestation of which became a huge legal milk-cow for anyone who doesn’t want to do any hard work for a living... by living in the MOT. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of truth and trust in US Government by Democrats who attempt to gain illegal immigrant votes, and who use accusations of ‘racism’ against those who oppose illegal immigration into the United States

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