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General Subject: Media

Trump-Russia Collusion

Ballot creation date: 03/20/2019


Fact: ‘Collusion’, as initially stated in the Media nearly two years ago as cause for investigation, is not a crime. Fact: The US Justice Department is required to address only criminal acts, not innocuous discussions between and among people. Fact: The new Media definition of ‘Collusion’ is the more complete dictionary one that is, ‘an agreement or cooperation, especially for an illegal purpose.’ Fact: This more complete definition of ‘Collusion’ was accepted by the Trump administration instead of a more applicable term, ‘Illegal Collusion’ because, to save further Democrat fogging of the issue, the Trump contention was that they were not involved in any ‘collusion’ during the periods in question, whether considered illegal or not. Fact: After two years of extensive and expensive investigation by the Mueller Special Counsel, it was concluded that no ‘collusion’ with the Russians of any kind, illegal or otherwise, took place by the Trump administration before or after the 2016 election. Fact: The Democrats now insist on seeing all the procedural and personal information in the final Mueller report that is not allowed by law to be released, to be publicly released so that the conclusions of the Mueller final report can be verified by them. Fact: President Trump has no objection to this adjustment taking place in accordance with the US Secrets Acts and other relative US law. Fact: The Democrat accusation emphasized now is “Obstruction  of Justice”, that cannot exist when there has been no ‘illegal collusion’ to justify. Fact: There is no longer a justice here to obstruct. There is no 'there' there.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The basis for this waste of time, energy, and cause for stress and anxiety in America for two years, is the character and integrity of the Main Stream Media and about one half of one third, or about one sixth of the US Government, the Democrats in the US House of Representatives. But they know they will not be barbequed by a dictator, and will retain the right themselves to barbeque the reputations, careers, and lives (sometimes murder) of others without knowing they may be doing that to themselves. But why? This root reason of character and integrity has only been continuously addressed by the radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, and in the above MOT (Margin of Theft) Info Page. Mr. Limbaugh appears to contend that these Democrats "behave like spoiled-brat adolescents'' who just forever and perpetually throw tantrums until they get their way, and then instead of being satisfied when they get their way or not, for free power, influence, and money, they just move on to the next opportunity [for theft]. It is what they do.... move from one dissatisfaction to another for free stuff. They certainly don't build anything or provide a useful service like real journalism or cleaning bathrooms. The MOT reason for this theft is said by what has not taken place... that, “Bounds are normally placed on children by their parents and cultures to halt theft for the purpose of both physical and emotional survival in their part of the world.” This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the degree of theft of time and emotional energy from the American people for two years by the Main Stream Media and the Democrat party in the US House of Representatives by throwing often childish and idiotic tantrums when not being allowed to legally steal what they want.

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