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Social Government

Ballot creation date: 03/07/2019


Fact: Hillary Clinton did her college thesis on Mr. Saul Alinsky’s creation of a social state, called “Rules for Radicals”. Fact: Former President Obama wrote about Mr. Saul Alinsky in his books. Fact: Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is a declared ‘Democrat-Socialist’. Fact: According to Mr. Saul Alinsky, the eight controls necessary to create a Social State are, 1) Control healthcare and government can control the people’s perception of health. 2) Increase the poverty level. Poor people will not fight back if government provides the minimum requirements for survival. 3) Increase all debt to increase taxes and produce more poverty. 4) Remove the ability for the population to physically defend itself from government, such as through Gun Control. This enables a Police State also. 5) Government control of food, housing, and personal income. 6) Government control of information, of what the people read and listen to. This includes controlling what children learn in school. 7) Remove from government and schools any reference to any entity considered higher than the head of government, such as God. 8) Divide people into the two categories of wealthy and poor. This will facilitate taxing the wealthy with the support of the poor, and generate a division of national purpose that only government can ruthlessly exploit for money and services for themselves in the name of ‘National Security’.

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It is not known whether Mr. Alinsky wrote his “Rules for Radicals” as a warning of things to look out for, or as a proponent of a failed type of ‘ism’ in human history, such as Socialism or Communism. This MOT Ballot weighs the dangerous theft of time and attention from the American people by the Media and Presidential Candidate Sanders, through exposing the young and uninformed of only about half of the known characteristics and historical results of Socialism.      

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