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Ballot creation date: 09/15/2015


Fact: 1962 - President Kennedy said he was going to get the United States out of Vietnam after the 1964 Presidential election. Fact: 1963 - President Kennedy was killed. Fact: 1964 - President Johnson, from Texas, immediately escalated, under false reason, US military involvement in Vietnam. Fact: 1964-1968 There were more millionaires made through arms and oil production in the State of Texas than anywhere else in history. Fact: 1968-1972 President Nixon was elected on the promise that he would get us out of Vietnam. Fact: 1973 - President Nixon now stated that he would only get us out of Vietnam “With honor”, and the war continued until he was forced to resign. Fact: 1985 - President Reagan called Russia’s bluff on military extortion money and goods from the United States called the Cold War. Fact: 1989 - The Russian Soviet Union collapsed and was no more. Fact: 2001 - President Bush determined to destroy the weapons and leaders of mass destruction in Iraq that caused the death of 3,000 US people in New York on 9/11/2001. Fact: 2001-2003 Although many weapons of mass destruction, like biological and chemical, were found and destroyed, the US Media reported that there were no nuclear weapons of mass destruction found, pretending that was the goal, and the war went on. Fact:  2005 - The leader of Iraq was found and hung, but by then the US Media emphasis was on World Terrorism that originated in Iraq and Iran, and now had sanctuary in Afghanistan. Fact: 2014 President Obama gave Iran $150 Billion that provided them the means to continue World Terrorism.
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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

After the flux and discussions of morality, ethics, religion, globalization, family, culture, race, Socialism, Fascism, and altruism have become floating dross on the metal of mankind, the connected dots show the following: Those individuals above who have not, in their lives, provided either a material product or a non-spiritual-afterlife service, like janitor or artist, consider success as living in unearned luxury and esteem on Earth, through assuming vocations that are completely within the MOT (Margin of Theft). They have caused,or continued to cause, this theft without knowing they are actually promotiing a parasitic nature in their society upon those who work for profit past mere survival. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of seriously considering human common sense by the Media and the US School system from the educations of two generations of students thus far.   

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