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General Subject: Immigration

Immigration Caravans

Ballot creation date: 11/18/2018


Fact: Thousands of people from Central America, and the Mid-East, broke through the southern border of Mexico to go through Mexico in an attempt to illegally, except for gaining political asylum, immigrate into the United States. Fact: Many who propose to seek political asylum from their native countries show flags of loyalty to their native countries during their march through Mexico that show the opposite of any reason for escape from their native country. Fact: Procedures and US Embassy personnel are, and have been for years, available in their native countries to apply for consideration of political asylum in the United States. Fact: The United States has never un-allowed legal immigration into the United States, and the number of legal immigrants allowed today is the highest ever.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

When numerous people come into another country without the other country wanting them, it is called, in all languages, an invasion. In personal houses it is called trespassing, or a probable prelude to burglary, whether for free food, goods, or squatting in another’s domicile for unearned advantage over those who seek entry legally for mutual advantage. It is called theft. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of information by the Main Stream US Media from a large part of the American population by not informing of the basic above ‘Facts’ of the situation.

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