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Islamic Presidential Speech

Ballot creation date: 12/04/2015


Fact: This speech was in response to the recent Islamic Terrorist ISIS-type murders of fourteen civilians attending a meeting in San Bernardino, California. Fact: This was his third speech from the Oval Office in seven years, signifying its importance. Fact: It lasted eleven minutes. Fact: There was nothing new or different in policy or proposed actions except to re-emphasize the importance of controlling Americans by infringing on their Constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense and not for the prevention for future similar murders. Fact: Great emphasis was placed on his desire to protect his two daughters that are the most important things in his life, and who are constantly protected by legions of armed personnel. Fact: Emphasis was also placed on working with Islamics in America instead of against them.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

What Americans, news, military, or civilian has ever stated a desire to work against all Islamics in America? ‘None known’ is the answer. His inability to say the term ‘Radical Islamic Terrorist’ is still a mystery to all who don’t think he has acted all along as a ‘Closet Moslem’, a ‘One-person Trojan Horse’. And, of course, we were all relieved that he placed such a high value on his own children, who could have been harmed as those in San Bernardino were. The compassion shown was electrifying to many. The disconnect with reality was also electrifying to many. This MOT writer is reminded of a similar disconnect by the German leader Goering during WWII in Berlin. He was explaining to the Russian Ambassador how England was on the run and soon to be finished. The Russian asked, why then were they in a bomb shelter, and who was dropping the bombs on the city as they spoke? This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of common knowledge and reality from otherwise uninformed Americans by this President using irreplaceable media time for elitist political special interest purposes that divert attention away from National concerns and survival.

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