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General Subject: Media

Hurricane Florence

Ballot creation date: 09/09/2018


Fact: A strong storm is predicted to devastate the East coast of the United States. Fact: This prediction is made available to the human inhabitants of these areas by United States' government agencies, military, and law enforcement capabilities. Fact: If it were not for the United States, many residents here would have been eating something on a sunny day, and then drowned or blown away before they could prepare for survival.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The idiocy of blaming by those in the United States who don't seed clouds, pales to insignifance compared to those critics who sit far away from getting their pinkies wet. This MOT Poll ballot weighs the theft of truth and integrity from Americans by the Media through both promoting sensationalism, and not giving credit to those who have physically risked and made things more safe for all US Citizens.

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