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Helsinki Treason

Ballot creation date: 07/11/2018


Fact: Presidents Trump and Putin met in Helsinki, Finland on 7/16/2018.  Fact: President Trump’s friendly attitude toward President Putin was considered by many ‘Liberal’ persons in the news as being, from ‘not good for the US’, up to being ‘treasonous’ (By former CIA Director Brennan). Fact: Previously, President Obama said to the Russian Prime Minister that he would be more ‘flexible’ toward Russia’s interests after he won the 2012 US election. Fact: Previously, Secretary of State Clinton publicly proposed a ‘Reset Button’ to establish more friendly relations with Russia. Fact: President Trump has placed numerous economic sanctions against Russia. Fact: President Trump has placed defensive arms in the Ukraine and Poland, and strengthened NATO, all against possible Russian aggression. Facts: President Trump would not say that during the 2016 Presidential election he placed more, or less, credibility on US Intelligence Services than he did on what the Russians said they did or did not do relative to the 2016 election. Also, he did not note the differences now in US Intelligence leadership personnel between his and President Obama's Administration.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

These Facts alone show that President Trump, after taking actions against Russian interests and for American interests, did in Helsinki what the previous Presidential Administration said they wanted to do, but without them ever taking any actions against Russian interests. Instead, the previous Administration took actions, and provided inactions, that were very much in Russia’s interests - Selling twenty percent (of much-needed for medical purposes) US bomb-grade Uranium to Russia, and mutely allowing Russia’s take-overs in the Crimea and the Ukraine. If giving away the store by the previous Presidential Administration to Russia is being ‘friendly’, then they were certainly successful. Protecting American interests by this Administration now also being ‘friendly’, and trying to establish a meaningful dialogue to prevent warlike actions, is far from being an act of 'treason’, or cause for impeachment. It would be more useful if the Media spent the time and print on prefacing every reference to the Mueller Special Council as being a criminal investigation of a non-crime with the constant question of, "Why does it exist?". Using Helsinki as an example, this MOT Poll ballot weighs the theft by the Media of American time available for news by not bringing to light all the known facts first, before continuing on as if some clearly relevant ones don’t exist.

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