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General Subject: Immigration

Immigration Children

Ballot creation date: 06/14/2018


Fact: Children of illegal immigrants into the United States are being separated in the United States from their parents after their parents have taken their children with them while illegally immigrating into the United States. Fact: The US laws that require this separation have been in effect for over a hundred years, and they apply today to all Citizens in the United States, and their children. Fact: Persons of physical restriction, or jail, because of non-compliance with US law, and US law being in compliance with the US Constitution, have been required that their children not accompany their parents into jails where there is physical restriction of movement and limited availability for food, education, and nurturing. Fact: None of the children of illegal immigrants today are validated as being the actual children of the parents who brought them into the United States.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

All this talk about empathy for children and destroying families, is just another example of some people’s whining in the United States and wanting something more for nothing, like votes, power, money, and esteem. It took many American lives to have and maintain the laws and freedoms we have the earned right to enjoy, for ourselves and our children. The US is the most empathetic culture in history for other cultures and countries, and have helped them on nearly everything. And why is this? Because we, and our ancestors, came from these other cultures. And we had the opportunity, and an entire continent, to do something better about freedom and such, and maintain it. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft from Americans by AINOS (A MOT term - Americans in Name Only) of American integrity by means of using illegal immigration empathy as a tool to ignore US law

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