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General Subject: Racism

White Privilege

Ballot creation date: 05/26/2018


Fact:  “White Privilege” is a term that means that the ‘White race’ has privileges that are unique to only people of the White race, and not available to other races. Fact: In a country whose laws and culture favor no race (as in the American ‘Melting Pot’) this term indicates a desire to show that this is not true, and that White people in the United States have privileges that are unique to the color of their skin. Fact: There are more ‘White People’ in the United States than any other skin color. Fact: The United States is a country where a majority of Constitutionally abiding people, regardless of skin color, have the privilege of being free to make the laws and requirements of behavior for everyone.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

People who use the term, ‘White Privilege’, are generally of the minority skin-color in the United States of ‘Black’, and  ‘White and Black People’ in the Media who make their living from the creation of confusion and misinformation for emotional stimulation and empathetic revenue…. rather like a sport. If these ‘minorities’, not American minorities, feel strongly about such an inequity here, they can always move back to where they can be called African Africans or some other label. [Please see MOT Poll Ballot, “White Supremacy”, creation date of 12/01/2016.] This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft from American integrity by un-American racists promoting the false premise that ‘’White people” in the United States have legal privileges that apply only to “White People”

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