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General Subject: Media

Election Confusion

Ballot creation date: 05/15/2018


Fact: Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Presidential election. Fact: A year and a half later she said, “I’m still not over it.” And says that she won the popular vote, which is true by all perception. Fact: She is in the news today.

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Does anyone think that if the Presidential election was determined by the popular number of counted votes only, that President Trump would not have campaigned more in population centers where a majority of people could 'benefit' [steal] through a current Democratic agenda? The Electoral College is the final determiner of who wins the Presidency. The Electoral College represents the choice of all the represented people in the US, regardless of small pockets of new populations (like New York and California, and those with a history of Democratic voter fraud) who may have values specific to themselves alone, but at the expense of everyone else in non-pockets of special or parasitic interests. This MOT Poll ballot weighs the theft of national integrity by the Media spending valuable and limited public time looking at a plain and past loser movement.

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