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Animal News

Ballot creation date: 05/07/2018


Fact: President Trump called members of the MS-13 gang, “Animals”. Fact: Members of the MS-13 gang are publicly known to stab adolescent victims dozens of times while beating them to death, skinning, hacking, and mutilating them before and after death, extracting their hearts by opening the chest cavity and pulling it without a purpose of food gathering, and beheading. Fact: There are no known animals that perform these actions, either against their own kind, or any other species. Fact: The Media reported that President Trump instead, actually said that “All immigrants are animals.” Fact: In defense of MS-13 gang members, Congresswoman Pelosi said that President Trump has lost sight of human dignity and has forgotten the “Divine Spark” that separates humans from animals. Fact: President Trump responded that he would continue to call members of the MS-13 gang, “Animals”.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The MSM (Main Stream Media- ABC, NBC,CBS,MSNBC,CNN) has continued to distort and sensationalize comments by the US President [example: Changing the statement, 'MS-13 members are animals' to, 'All imigrants are animals'.] There is little to gain from such distortions of the truth by any party, unless the MSM has dictatorial control of information, and is not countered by Cable and radio alternative methods for the public to gain information. Also, the surrealistic MS-13 environment they created in the United States (that places the highest value on human life and dignity) gives the MSM an opportunity for sensationalism that can stimulate revenue by viewer attention from some that are ignorant or uncaring, and divert this viewer attention away from the positive things that are being accomplished. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the MSM theft of accurate news, and public listening time available, by not complying (in their licensing agreement) with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) licensing laws concerning News reporting and integrity.

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