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General Subject: Media

Media Words, 'Hate', 'Left', 'Right', 'Center'

Ballot creation date: 04/08/2017


Fact: The Political “Left” is considered by most to be ‘left’ of the Political Center. Fact: The Political “Right” is considered by most to be ‘Right’ of the Political Center. Fact: The Political Center of the United States consists of those rules of behavior, laws, and administrative procedures as stated in the United States Constitution. Fact: This US Constitution, not religions or other ideals, is the only instrument that constituted and constitutes the United States as a unique people or civilization. Facts: This Constitution provides the backbone and allowances for itself to be changed or ‘amended’, but only by representatives of the Citizens of the United States as times and perceptions of what is best for all change. Changes can also be changed back if results of an ‘amendment’ were found to be not in the best interest for almost all, as has happened in the past without physical discord. Fact: The application of Laws in the Constitution can only be decided, when not inherently evident as in compliance with the Constitution, by the Supreme Court of the United States during ever changing times. Fact: There is no provision in the US Constitution for allowing the ignoring of the Constitution (except during times of Congressionally declared war) by those given positions of power and authority by the Citizens of the United States.


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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The “Left” (also called liberal) in the United States is nearly a hundred percent ‘left’ of the Political Center of the Constitution. The “Right” (also called Conservative) in the United States is mostly, not a hundred percent, on the Political Center, the Constitution, not to the ‘Right’. The ‘Far Right’, a few percent, are to the right of the Constitution, wanting to be even more conservative than the Constitution itself is. The Media has slowly, over the past generation, bent the “Right” to mean ‘all in this category are to the right’ of the center, the Constitution, and the “Left” to be just to the ‘left’ of it, as if both were equal in their rights, intents and policies for providing the best for all under the Constitution. However, the “Left" is the only political element who has assumed it be their right to ignore the Constitution for change and required implementation of laws, instead of amending it. Being to the 'left' of something ignored is being to the 'left' of nothing considered. Because of the non-platform of non-Constitutional policies and programs, the “Left” has only hate left to generate emotional support. The “left” (mostly Democrats) therefore requires a maximum of people who are dependent on Democratic ‘hate’ to provide ‘conservative’, survival things from other ‘production and service’ people, until the scheme runs out of 'alive' people versus slave resources, and this civilization becomes another lawless, feckless, tribal, road-warrior brew of mankind. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of the meaning and use of the words, “Hate”, “Right”, “Left”, and “Center” by the Media and many Democrats away from their accurate, useful, and essential meanings as they relate to actions, relations, and examples of historical reversion to non-progress, and the death of careers, reputations, and public service.

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