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General Subject: Immigration

1,200 "illegal/legal" Immigrants

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 03/27/2018


Fact: 1,200 people are being allowed by Mexico to march from South and Central American countries through Mexico with an announced goal to immigrate into the United States because they are seeking ‘Political Asylum’ from their native countries. Fact: They are required to provide no proof of a physical/political threat to themselves in their native countries prior to being allowed to ‘legally’ be questioned by US authorities, and ‘legally’ detained until a pending court date is set, and their proof presented for consideration. Fact:  Instead of being detained until a hearing, they are allowed to roam free, under their own cognizance, until it can be determined if they are legally entitled to be in the United States.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This ‘legal’ methodology bypasses the existing practice of allowing Political Asylum on an individual basis. The United States court system is not set up to hear Political Asylum cases on a mass basis. This is normally the job of a defending Army during an invasion. The United States court system is also not equipped to hear cases from un-vetted, non-English speaking, with no records people. Releasing these people into the American populace under their own cognizance is fairly stupid when there has been no determination made of the integrity and background of these ‘immigrants’ before they can be established as ‘legal immigrants’. It is also unfair to all those who take the time to legally immigrate into the United States under existing law, that does require speaking English, and personal records of integrity, identity, and intent. To help explain the idiocy of the allowance of this ‘movement’, it can be equated to an entire population of a small country, or large area of another country who are dissatisfied with their own country to just move into the United States with their own language and culture just because they want to. It’s like a complete stranger coming into your living room, sitting on the couch, and saying, “I can stay here because I’m here. Though not really designated as legal now, I might be fully legal later. In the meantime I’m here, and the empathy of your politicians means I can live in your big hard-earned house, and raid your refrigerator, even when you're awake. And you can’t do a thing about it.This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft from all Americans of their resources and laws by American politicians allowing any threat from foreign, unknown peoples to roam free in our country without vetting, or even an oath to abide by our laws.  

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