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General Subject: Media

Russian Election Meddling

Ballot creation date: 02/07/2018


Fact: There has been much legal concern in the United States about Russia attempting to influence and thereby cause the 2016 non-election of Hillary Clinton for the Presidency. Fact: There has been a Special Council established to find if such influence or collusion existed on the part of Candidate Trump, and then President Trump. Fact: Even though neither influence nor collusion are crimes, the suspicion of which are a requirement for establishing a Special Council, after a year, no evidence of these non-crime allegations have surfaced.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It makes no difference whether or not influence or collusion existed. What does make a difference is that the Media presumed, and assumed, and gave the impression that any other country could influence American voters away from any interests in their own country, and then proceed to give value to this misconception as if it were a fact with which to be concerned. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the Media of truth from some uninformed American’s perceptions of who thinks what in America, and theft for the purpose of the Main Stream Media business to sustain some relevancy for more unearned money and esteem.   

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