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Government Shutdown

Ballot creation date: 01/11/2018


Fact: The US Congress is again threatening to shut down the Government and blaming it on one or another person or party for not approving a Budget by attaching the Budget to another Bill of a different purpose. Fact: The term, “Shutting Down the Government” means that nearly all necessary and ‘essential’ parts of the Government remain intact, operating, and paid. Fact: Some of these, both 'essential' (like the military) and ‘non-essential’, people of Government are not paid in accordance with a normal schedule, but are paid their full amount of back pay when the Government is again fully funded. Fact: The activation of the term, "Government Shutdown" does not shut down the Government at all.


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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This is another example of the misuse of words, like shutdown, by politicians that is addressed in numerous MOT Poll Ballots. It is also an example of the dishonesty of many members of Congress when attempting to get their way by attaching a ‘scary’ thing, like 'no-paychecks', or 'no government' onto an important or different thing in the name of making it ‘comprehensive’, or for no reason whatsoever, and thereby delaying or killing both things. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of taxpayer money paid, for unearned salary, to those Congresspersons who try to use scare tactics on a people who are brave and unafraid of most anything.

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