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General Subject: Media

Criminal Influence

Ballot creation date: 10/13/2017


Fact:  Yesterday, former First Lady Hillary Clinton publicly compared President Trump to being similar to a Mr. Weinstein who is recently accused of being a serial rapist. Fact: President Trump has never been accused of any sexual crime. Fact: Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Clinton, has been convicted of sexual abuse and lying under oath; has been disbarred from practicing law and required to pay $750,000 to one of his sexually abused female victims; and Hillary Clinton herself is still under investigation for her involvement in the murders of four Americans (Benghazi), and for treasonous actions against the United States by violating National Security (e-mails) which placed numerous American Foreign Service employees at life risk, and for formally appproving, as US Secretary of State, a sale (being bribed to approve sale of limited US Uranium fissionable material to Russia) to an anti-American country for personal-use money. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The Media, by not mentioning all the above facts, is not relating information that dedicated reporters have previously gained, often at great personal risk, for the public good. The Media is violating the public trust by making public only those facts that support their special interests to maintain influence and to continue living within the Margin of Theft through division for stimulation that may sustain them being relative and important. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft by the Media from limited  public time and attention by selectively associating non-news, fake news, news, and past news into a narrative for the purpose of creating confusion in order to sustain Media importance, income, and false esteem.  

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