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General Subject: Media

Korean Threat Display

Ballot creation date: 09/10/2017


Fact: During this past year, North Korea has displayed a threat capability against the United States that consists of ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) equipped with nuclear bombs. Fact: The TV Media showed a photo yesterday of four military Tanks with a caption that said, “NORTH KOREAN THREAT. US AND SOUTH KOREA PREPARE FOR MILITARY OPTION”. Fact: During the 1980s, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) helicopters in Western Europe were equipped with US anti-tank, over-the-horizon, wire-guided, “TOW” missiles that nearly overnight made 40,000 Eastern European Soviet Union tanks positioned on the Soviet border, obsolete.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Giving the impression that the North Korean threat to South Korea or the United states consists, even in part, by WWII type Tank weapons is a head-fake of public attention away from the real threat of ICBMs. Why would the Media do this? Perhaps there is a surplus of anti-tank weapons that, through a Military-Industrial-Complex, be taken out of storage and sold for non-junk prices by making them un-obsolete. Modern US technology is already far past relying on TOW anti-tank missiles for obliterating tanks, as proved in Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) many years ago. Perhaps some with Media 'power and influence', desire a back-door commission of some sort for sales of obsolete weapons to third-world countries. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of truth by the Media in directing public attention away from a real threat.

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