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Robert E. Lee

Ballot creation date: 08/17/2017


Fact: Robert E. Lee was a revered Southern General during the US Civil War (1860-1865). Fact: A statue of him was or is scheduled to be taken down in Charlottesville, Virginia. Fact:  This past weekend there was a march of peaceful protesters to this action. Facts: This past weekend there arrived a group of protesters who protested against the protesters, claiming they were protesting against Trump Administration racism, Neo-Nazism, and White Supremacy, and causing one death and several injuries. Two policemen were killed in a helicopter crash while observing this altercation. Fact: The ‘Progressive Liberal Media’ has reported that this tragedy is a result of the mood of the country caused by President Trump’s racist values among other things of equal harm.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Robert E. Lee has virtually nothing to do with this statue and monument business concerning either slavery or the core values of the United States. There has never been an instance of note, for example, during WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam where US Citizens from the Southern US States ever showed any Flag-preference, or loyalty for any other flag, including the Confederate flag, over the “Stars and Stripes” of the United States. The opposite has proven true during US history when, during periods of international conflict and during peacetime, the Confederate flag was proudly displayed under and in support of the American flag, and on patches, car stickers, and other manifestations of loyalty as any proud special brigade of the US Armed Forces have displayed. Robert E. Lee was loyally and conveniently a Virginian first, before he was an American, as were many Southerners during the Civil War, and for valid economic reasons that did not include starvation or slavery. But the economics of the North (without slaves) was a core manifestation of the success of our way of life (The United States). And thusly the North outweighed the South tremendously in industrial product capability, like transportation of troops and supplies, communication, and arms manufacture. But, though there has been successfully attempted “malice toward none and charity for all” (as stated by President Lincoln about Reconstruction policy of the South in 1865), some greed replaced some charity. It has also been accepted since the Civil War, that two countries’ citizen’s would have been far less each today on our one continent had we not remained one country, united and together. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of truth about Robert E. Lee, and US integrity, by the Media through falsely depicting this Presidential Administration as a cause for this distortion of past and current racism, bigotry, and violence.

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