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General Subject: Security

North Korea Meddling

Ballot creation date: 08/03/2017


Fact: North Korea recently and successfully launched an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile). Fact: North Korea has developed a down-sized nuclear explosive device that can fit inside their ICBMs. Fact: North Korea has cruise missiles. Fact: North Korea has repeatedly threatened to attack the United States. Fact: President Trump said that if there were any attempt to attack the US, it would be met with fire, fury, and a power that the world has never seen. Fact: After this statement, North Korea said it was considering, for now, just attacking the US Territory of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. Fact: There is no known reason for North Korea to threaten an attack on the US aside from the historical Communist extortion policies of military threat that have often worked for periods in the past to get free money, palaces, and luxury items for their elite, and free food for their slave populations, in exchange for not causing an expensive military conflict. Fact: Members of the US Congress and the Media have criticized President Trump’s strong language, and threats to North Korea if they actually attempted to attack the US.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Do these Congressmen and Congresswomen actually think that President Trump’s statement was directed to anyone’s language sensibilities, except those of North Korea? Does the Congress and the Media presume that they have the same knowledge, power, and ability to defend and protect, if they wanted to, the United States as does the Commander in Chief of all our armed forces? Granted, several Commanders in Chief in the past have used both strong language and pompous red-lines that resulted in no action except that of smarmy negotiation that resulted in disastrous consequences. This President has already launched a swarm of sixty cruise missiles into Syria, without any strong words, which quelled the major problem there without fanfare, red-lines, negotiation or ‘Diplomacy’. Negotiation with an evil power usually consists of them saying, “Nice doggy” long enough for them to find a big enough rock. Chamberlain gave Hitler some time to collect and concentrate his rocks. President Clinton gave North Korea money and plenty of time to find and make rocks. President Obama, without Constitutionally required approval from Congress, or any rational negotiation or diplomacy, gave Iran all the rocks they wanted. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft, by many in the Media and Congress, from the integrity and unity of the United States by them publicly undermining the efforts of our Commander in Chief to protect all of the United States and our allies from harm by North Korea.

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