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General Subject: Security

Government Leaking

Ballot creation date: 08/06/2017


Fact: There have been many more leaks during the Trump Administration of Government classified information by Government employees, to the Media for publication, than during any Presidential Administration in the Past. Fact: There have been strong indications reported that these Government employees leaking classified information to the Press are embedded holdovers from the Obama Administration. Fact: Former FBI Director James Comey himself admitted under oath that he purposefully leaked Government owned information, recorded on Government owned equipment, to the media. Fact: The persons in the Media, who publish leaked to them classified Government information, think themselves immune to criminal prosecution for the criminal act of leaking classified US Government information. Fact: Leaked Government classified information to the Media has little value to the Media until they publish it for Political purposes.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Evidently there are many who think that protection from the Government of private citizen information is less important than the protection of classified Government information from the public and the world. Government business cannot be done without secure lines of communication and conversation between and among Government leaders, world leaders, and themselves. It is like the freedom of venting feelings and frustrations inside one's home for feedback from loved ones without fear that initial evaluations may be considered expected policy. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of equal justice under the law of all US Government, Media, and others by the US Justice System not immediately finding and requiring jail time for all who have committed this criminal offense of leaking and publishing classified US Government information.  

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