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General Subject: Media

Military Transgenders

Ballot creation date: 07/26/2017


Fact: The President has announced a policy to remove from service, and not allow in the future, people who are Transgender (an opposite sex from that of their birth) or people who desire to be made Transgender at government/taxpayer cost. Fact: The reasons given for this policy include the infrastructure and compliance costs to accommodate them, and the lessening of the defense capability and motivational concentration of forces that the US Military requires to do the best job possible in defense of the United States. Fact: The media and some Congressmen have used as a general argument against this policy, that there have been many Transgender people who have already served in the US Military, without reference to any noteworthy contribution. Fact: The US Military is not equipped for, nor has it ever been in keeping with, a mission that includes being an arena for social experimentation.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

What’s next? Botox treatments to make military recruiters more handsome or prettier? This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of time by the media in further argument against this Transgender policy, except to use it as an example to future generations of Americans, of how some people in an affluent society will desire getting things for nothing (MOTism) at the expense of the security of all.

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