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Saving a Baby

Ballot creation date: 07/22/2017


Fact: A child was born in England with a birth defect that rendered it in a 'vegitable state' with no chance of recovery according to medical professionals. Fact: Humans are societal beings. They (we) depend on other humans to live happy lives. Fact: The longevity-successful human today will live to be 100 years old, and have used up approximately two (2) billion heartbeats during his/her existence on Earth. Fact: A successful society (State) will ensure that these heartbeats are physically sustained and not wasted for those that make up that society. Fact: The rights of parents (Reference the infant Charlie Gard) and the power of the government of a society (England) have been brought into a contention relative to physical probabilities and costs of survival. Fact: Thus far, in this example, both the US and English media have cost their peoples, conservatively, over 100 billion heartbeats, that may have been wasted on philosophic and sophomoric thought and discussion concerning human rights and morals when these issues have been available for consideration throughout history. Instead they may be using an abstract sensationalism in place of what is a normal, minor, observation and concern.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

What sane society (Government) would deny a parent’s attempt to save the life of their child, no matter how ridiculous the probability of success, if the parents could afford the attempt without hurting others? Here is the rub - The media, Government, and often parents are actually controlling public emotion for advertisement and sale. The parents know very well that their child is humanly dead, not designated a ‘vegetable’ yet. The British Government and the media know very well that just sending the child to another country for an experimental treatment that might work, even though the probability of zero would have to be later re-defined if successful, would cost very little to any society, and would provide an emotional healing for the parents. So why not let that happen without fanfare? Because there is no free money in that for the media and some Government people. They need something to do aside from their jobs which they won’t do because either they are not capable, or just don’t like to work. Attaining their societal block-diagram position in society is their success. Actually doing something for society with their power and money is not in their ‘job description’. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the media and one government by wasting 100 billion otherwise useful heartbeats from members of two societies through forced attention on the worthless over-concern on something that Providence has decided and the primary societal parties (parents and doctors) have already accepted and complied with.

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