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General Subject: Health Care

Repealing Obamacare

Ballot creation date: 07/16/2017


Fact: The promise of “Repeal and Replace” the Obama health care law was a major cause and purpose for Americans to vote into office a majority of Republican(s) in the House of Representatives (2010), the US Senate (2014), and the White House (2016). Fact: There is a big difference between ‘Health Care’ and ‘Health Insurance’. Fact: The US Congress (both Democrats and Republicans) have not allowed a “Repeal and Replace” law to be finally voted on as of this date (7/17/2017), nearly seven months after the Republicans have had control of both Houses of Congress and the White House.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It would have been better if “Repeal and Replace” had been worded, “Repeal then Replace”. This is like President Nixon getting elected on the promise of, “Getting out of Vietnam”, and then after being elected, changing the promise to, “Getting out of Vietnam with honor.” This allowed an acceptance of an allowance for not getting out at all. It is also like the Reagan Immigration and Amnesty law of 1986. The Democrats got amnesty for eleven million illegal immigrants first, then refused funding for a ‘wall’, including the wall of enforcing existing immigration laws. Democrats tried the same thing in 2006 with another six million illegal immigrants (potential Democratic voters), but this time didn’t get away with it, until Obama. Now we have nearly all the health care litigation concentrated on ‘”Replacing” what is there, at the exclusion of ‘Repealing’ that would allow starting from a new and different base already voted upon by the Public. This ‘Replacement’ at the same time as ‘Repeal’ allows saving  those parts of Obamacare that may be worth saving, instead of starting over with a completely new law that clarifies the difference between affordable health care and health insurance for all Americans… pretty much like it was in this country before the Hillary Clinton/Obama globalization views attempted a single-provider monopoly of a sixth of the US economy through a ‘universal’ health care. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of affordable health care from the American people by all the Democrat minority and some Republicans in office through not repealing the failed ‘Obamacare’ law first and separate from arguing successful parts of an intertwined and utterly failed system.

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