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General Subject: Trump Administration

Trump and NATO

Ballot creation date: 09/05/2017


Fact: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a mutual military defense pact for 28 member countries, mostly in Northern Europe. Fact: The Treaty was signed in 1949 with all members agreeing to pay the costs to NATO with 2% of their country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product - the basis of which is the Purchasing Power Parity or PPP of a country that compares the differences in living standards between nations.) Fact:  23 of the 28 NATO member countries are not current in their agreed-to monetary obligation, and many have not paid for many years, thereby accumulating a considerable debt while receiving military defense and deterrence against aggression in the Free World for much less than, or no, agreed-to cost to them.  Fact: Last week President Trump reminded NATO of their past and current monetary obligations to NATO while several NATO leaders smirked in derision.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It appears that 23 NATO countries do not consider their agreed-to payment for a trade related to a trust or obligation comprises in any way the integrity of a nation. Many of their leaders have chosen to not be held responsible by mere statement and action, within their own bubble of national power, while assuming no responsibility for the integrity of their people when conducting international trade and tourism. United States leadership, after largely winning WWII for Northern Europe, and rebuilding it afterward, has assumed a progressive laxity toward forgetfulness in assuring obligations of agreement paid both nationally and internationally. President Trump seems to realize that not intending to pay one's debt is theft. The US has been taking up the slack with NATO costs to maintain world stability and peace for many years. Instead of smirking, the leaders of these 23 countries should get a grip on what both State and local realities concerning integrity might mean. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft to 5 countries including the US bearing the burden by 23 European countries of monetary obligation, a debt that they have been able to afford, and the theft of their national moral fiber and integrity that is essential to trade between and among nations, as well as between the grocers and farmers of all free countries

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