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The Russians are Coming?

Ballot creation date: 03/31/2017


Fact: For three weeks now a major part of the Media news has been reporting on various political threats to the United States by Russia. Facts: During the past five years the Obama Administration (through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) has attempted a “Reset Button” diplomatic ‘technique’ to improve relations with Russia, and to help Russia economically. Fact: The Obama Administration (or by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) sold to Russia twenty percent (20%) of US Uranium that can be used for the production of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). Fact: The Hillary Candidacy for President, during and after the election, has claimed, without evidence, that the Trump Candidacy and election was influenced, computer-hacked, and compromised by the Russians. Fact: Today the Media concentration is on leaks, with evidence, that  he and some of President Trump’s transition team and current Presidential Cabinet talked with the Russians, and that President Trump accused the Obama Administration of using US Intelligence resources to illegally, with evidence, use surveillance technology to ‘spy’ on Candidate Trump, President Trump, and his advisors. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The hypocrisy and Gnashing of Teeth exhibited by Democrats in the Media after losing the recent Presidential Election shows a non-concern with what was said during any ‘conversation’ with the Russians by Republicans, or on any past unproven ground for accusation. This ‘smoke screen’ to try and find a ‘smoking-gun’, however, has resulted in evidence that a crime was committed against President Trump through leaks to the Media that compromised National Security and the privacy of American Citizens. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft from society of valuable Media time by people in the Media who lack integrity as American Journalists by partially ‘covering up’, with this ‘Russian news’, President Trump’s accomplishments in his first 72 days in Office

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