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General Subject: Immigration

Hawaiian Judge

Ballot creation date: 03/19/2017


Fact: A Federal judge in Hawaii put a stop to President Trumps Executive order to restrict immigration of refugees from several Mid-East countries. Fact: President Trump did so because these Mid-East countries have a history of mixing Islamic terrorists into their populations. Fact: These Mid-East countries are not capable of screening (vetting) terrorists from their exiting populations of refugees. Fact: The Federal Hawaiian judge used as reasons for his decision that President Trumps Executive Order was based on a religious discrimination verbalized by Candidate Trump years ago concerning restricting all Islams in relation to Islamic terrorism, and that this immigration restriction would have a negative impact on Hawaii’s tourist businesses.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The Trump Executive Order did not address or include a religion, but rather six countries. Islam continues to be addressed as a religion whereas it is a theocracy that uses its religion for US religious tolerance laws and compassion for all religions. And there have been no refugees from these six countries designated to be sent to Hawaii, or ever have been. This Hawaiian judge should be considered for impeachment for violating the US Constitution by judging outside his statutory authority and basing his decision on past observations that are not included to be considered by law in the case presented. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of security by this judge from all Americans by inhibiting a step taken by the President to ensure their protection from terrorists.

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