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General Subject: Health Care

Obamacare Replacement

Ballot creation date: 03/13/2017


Fact: Democrats are holding up progress with a narrative that 24 million people may not be able to choose a new health care plan that is virtually free for them. Fact: This narrative puts at risk about three hundred million people that have been caught in the Obamacare debacle and have already suffered greatly from lack of health care at the expense of having to choose often worthless health insurance coverage, or go to jail if not paying a non-participation fine for not buying a worthless insurance policy. Fact: The American people have voted several times to repeal the entire Obamacare Law. Fact: The American people have voted several times to replace the Obamabacare Law while retaining some parts of it into a new law. Fact: The Democratic Congress, and some Republicans, have concentrated on fixing the original Obamacare Law instead of first repealing it in entirety.  

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This bald-faced socialism approach will not work, and it appears that most of the Democratic Congresspersons who support the narrative that discards a repeal of the Law first, will probably be voted out of office during their next election cycle. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the Democratic Congress of time and publicly funded energies by using a false narrative to destroy the repeal of Obamacare or label any part of it as a continuance of Obamacare into a new health care law.

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