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General Subject: Media

Telephone Voices

Ballot creation date: 03/03/2017


Fact: Often when you make a help line call, you are given a choice to continue in either English or Spanish languages. Fact: Nearly all automatic references to any calling parties are with a voice that has a mechanical or Spanish mechanical enunciation that is very often difficult to understand by English speaking people unless one knows and expects from whom the call is made.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Nearly all US Citizens are fluent in the English language, which is the Official US Language, and a fluency requirement for US Citizenship. Why should we have to spend even five heartbeats of our God-given heartbeats and time having to make a decision upon which language we would prefer using for a simple phone call? With today’s technology, the pure and accepted enunciation of automated voice phonemes is commonplace, except concerning the most used communication methodology for the average American, the telephone. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of heartbeats and time from English-speaking persons in the United States by the subversive aspects of the Media to program people into an acceptance of Spanish, or any lessening of English into the American culture.  

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