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General Subject: Media

Russians on Election

Ballot creation date: 03/01/2017


Fact: During the 2016 Presidential Election, there was much news about the Russians hacking into, or otherwise influencing, the outcome of the Election. Fact: Before and after the Election the White House announced that there was no election interference by the Russians or anyone else with the electoral equipment, like hacking. Fact: Before and after the Election the Republican Party announced that there was no election interference to them by the Russians, or anyone else, with their electoral equipment or other process. Fact: After the Presidential Inauguration, Democratic members of the US Congress have strongly urged an investigation that may prove the Russians both tried to influence our Presidential Election, though to no avail, and that the US Attorney General may have talked to the Russian Ambassador during his previous normal Senatorial activities, but may have lied about it.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The media reported about a suspected, but failed attempt, of a foreign power to influence our American Presidential Election, as if a major number of Americans were susceptible to foreign influence. Failing making any negative use of that non-news, the Media and the Democratic Party are concentrating on the possibility that the new Attorney General may have had a discussion, related to the Election, with the Russian Ambassador to the US during a cocktail party, or other non-official or official occasion during and before our election process. A DOJ investigation is underway. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of available news time from all Americans by the media making news of possible intentions, and imagined integrity of the Attorney General, and inventing time-consuming news that is profoundly trivial speculation based on nothing of relative substance that is known or suspected by anyone except the Democratic Party.

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