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General Subject: Media

US Press

Ballot creation date: 02/10/2017


Fact: Yesterday President Trump said the "US Fake Press" is an enemy of the American people. Fact: Yesterday Senator McCain said that Trump’s remarks about the Press were akin to a dictatorship. Fact: There has been no definition of what “the Press” is in relation to these comments.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

For MOT Poll purpose, “the Press” is herein defined as a combination of News and Journalism. 'What is new' is accomplished by reporters, often at personal physical risk. 'What is News.' is determined by journalists and opinionators in News orgainzations who used to follow FCC (Federal Communications Commission) guidelines regarding morals, ethics, and truth. Journalism is supposed to be based on accurate News facts gathered by reporters. True Journalism is accomplished through knowledgeable association of how the reported News can relate to persons in the audience's own environments, and for education and general awareness. It seems evident that much of the “the Press” today could not only care less about the facts obtained by reporters, but has let journalism be based on the political opinions of 'journalists' and their owners, for money and unearned esteem through the stimulus of invented sensationalism. This MOT Poll weighs the theft from the integrity of the American Press and news reporters by journalists and spokespersons who base their opinions on some things that are opposite, or nearly opposite, to the facts in the reports that 'news reporters' provide.

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