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General Subject: Trump Administration

Flynn Firing

Ballot creation date: 02/15/2017


Fact: General Flynn was fired from his position as National Security Advisor by President Trump for lying to the Vice President. Fact: This lie was reporting that he had not talked to the Russians about economic sanctions. Fact: President Trump said that if General Flynn had not talked to the Russians about sanctions, he would have ordered him to do so. Fact: Nothing has been mentioned about any concern of any classified or secret information being discussed with the Russians by General Flynn. Fact: The media, through leaks in the CIA, obtained a verbatim transcript of a private talk between General Flynn and the Russians that mentioned the word “sanction”, but has not been released in entirety. Fact: The media contended that General Flynn should not have lied to the Vice President. Fact: President Trump agreed with the media, fired General Flynn, and established that the higher, basic, problem consisted of the CIA leaking private and classified information to the media, no matter of what perceived importance it may be, which is an act prohibited by the US Constitution, and is treasonous.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The media found a gap in the armor of US security that consisted of inside Intelligence professionals who are loyal in action to the previous Presidential regime. In this case the media leaked useless but confidential information to the media which is also illegal. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of integrity of the United States by some in the Intelligence communities, and the theft by the media of their own credibility, for the purpose of undermining the capability of the President during this transition period to do his job for the American people.

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