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General Subject: Immigration

Refugee Ban

Ballot creation date: 02/10/2017


Fact: President Trump signed an Executive Order to temporarily (90 days) keep all refugees from seven Mid East countries from entering the United States. Fact: These seven countries have a history of promoting terrorism, and sending terrorists into other countries, including the United States. Fact: The purpose of this ban is to give the United States time for our immigration vetting resources to adapt and identify terrorists disguised, not as immigrants, but as refugees. Fact: The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court overruled this ban on refugees, as did several other Western U.S. Courts where Trump did not win a majority during the recent Presidential election. Facts: Immigrants are people who want to come here and become Americans that requires a long-standing vetting process. Refugees are people who are running away from a life-threatening environment, but are often just economic migrants who want free things elsewhere. Several European countries are now paying economic refugees money to leave.

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The misidentification of refugees as immigrants by the media, and the legal bantering by losers in the past Presidential election, are placing this country more at risk from Islamic terrorists by refusing the implementation of nearly costless measures that help ensure the safety of all Americans. This MOT Poll ballot weighs the theft of life energies by the media and several US Judges, through delaying legal actions that place all Americans at a higher physical and infrastructure risk

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