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Senator Warren Cloture

Ballot creation date: 02/07/2017


Fact: Senator Warren was removed from the speaking podium in the US Senate for violating Senate Rule #19. Fact: Senate Rule #19 prohibits the character degradation of fellow Senators as grounds for debate on issues. Fact: Senator Warren was not denied her 1st Amendment rights any more than when one yells fire in a movie theater and thereby wastes other people’s time in attendance. Fact: The US Senate, as with all US legislative bodies, has rules of decorum and conduct for carrying out business within their chambers and courts. Fact: Senator Warren was also under scrutiny for gaining admission to Harvard University through “Affirmative Action” policy by claiming to be a minority of Indian blood by virtue of her high cheek bones and past private family discussions.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It appears that Senator Warren has a documented record of being disingenuous and insulting to American values of integrity. She is loyal to the political ‘Far Left’ to a normal degree of claiming Victimhood during nearly all her verbalizations and actions. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of US Senator’s time by having to invoke Senate Rule #19 during a critical time of necessary debate on issues of National import.

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