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General Subject: Immigration

Immigration Walls

Ballot creation date: 02/01/2017


Fact: Fences and walls are made for one of two reasons: To keep mobile entities in, or out, of a specific area. Fact: Gates are temporary openings in the wall or fence made by the builder of the fence or wall. Fact: US Laws, and the enforcement of them, have been fences in the past to keep unwanted people from entering our country. Fact: US Citizenship laws, temporary visiting Laws, and the enforcements of them have been the gates in our immigration fences and walls. Fact: Historical US walls have consisted of building defenses on and within the two large oceans at East and West (Atlantic and Pacific), and building and maintaining friendly relationships on the borders of North and South (Canada and Mexico). Fact: Air travel has impacted the previous security from the rest of the world that was largely provided by oceans. Fact: The absence of MOT considerations in the US have impacted the previous security provided by free-enterprise relations with Mexico. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

In nearly all history, fences and walls have been built to keep unwanted people and animals out of the owners land. Walls and fencing in the past have also been built to keep sheep, horses, cattle, and other animals in. The previous Soviet Union (Russia) is the only government that has built a physical wall to keep people in, like cattle and sheep, without the free choice of movement to get out. North Korea has small fire-zone ‘walls’ (to keep their people in) around the ‘gate’ areas of a South Korean wall built to keep North Korean armies out of South Korea. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft from Americans of their established Immigration laws by any US Government official who supports a denial of enforcement of US Immigration laws to keep illegal people out by physical restraint through the means of walls and fencing, including viable electronic means in conjunction with patrolling rivers, deserts, mountains, the atmosphere, and outer space.

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