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Berkeley Riot 2/3/2017

Ballot creation date: 02/02/2017


Fact: Supposed students from the University of California, Berkeley have been running around on the campus wearing masks, lighting fires and destroying property. Fact: These riots were supposedly to protest and prevent a speech scheduled to be given on campus by a Conservative speaker on 2/1/2017, though no 'riot' spokesman was present. Fact: USC, Berkeley is known for free speech and the exercise of First Amendment Rights.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The Media is doing a disservice to the United States by selling sensationalism at home and abroad through showing a normal aberration in an over-indulged segment of youth (Snowflakes) who, when convenient for more free money, goodies, and peer esteem, will take on a ‘cause’ that is opposite to the historical tenets of their University. These ‘riots’ are examples to the world that the US may need fixing through immigration and any other convenient method of terror and destruction. A still photograph of an automobile pileup caused by a drunk driver would have been adequate news coverage of the same importance to social awareness. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft by the Media from the integrity of the United States by sensationalizing this 'riot', and other similar non-represented ‘riots’, as representative of a universal disorder in the entire United States.

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