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General Subject: Trump Administration

Trump Firing Yates

Ballot creation date: 01/29/2017


Fact: When assistant Attorney General  Sally Yates was being vetted by the Congress about what she considered her role if she disagreed with President Obama, she said she would be obligated to base her opinions on the US Constitution and present her opinions accordingly. Fact:  As Acting Attorney General, when asked why she refused to enforce President Trump’s Immigration Order, she added to her previous job description by saying that she also had to consider what was morally right. Fact: President Trump (click to see a video) fired her for not doing her job.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It seems nearly insane that the Media has wasted  so much public time on speculating and assigning blame for so little of importance.  She would not do her job according to her job description, and so should have resigned. The US Constitution does not address a person’s individual moral convictions. It addresses and codifies what the laws of the land are. Acting Attorney General Yates could have resigned rather than violate her moral convictions. Instead she wanted to get her pay for not doing her job. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the Media of available public time and attention on a simple thief.

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