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General Subject: Constitution

Election Marches

Ballot creation date: 01/22/2017


Fact: Many anti-Trump protest marches took place in Washington DC and elsewhere last Saturday. Fact: Madonna had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”.  Fact: The purpose of these peaceful protest marches was, ‘Rights of Women’. Fact: No spokespersons in the marches were reported in the news voicing what actions against women they were protesting against. Fact: Previous Black peaceful marches were for “Rights of Blacks”. Fact: Congressman Lewis was hit in the head with a brick during a Black march forty years ago and has been considered a ‘hero’ in the Black community ever since. Fact: The ‘Rights of Women’ march in Washington DC was noteworthy in that they picked up their trash and used trash receptacles. Fact: The ‘Rights of Blacks’ marches in the past were noteworthy for not picking up their trash, which cost the US taxpayers’ Department of the Interior cleanup costs to insure against a bad appearance in our Capitol, and disease. Fact: The Million-man March of Vietnam Veterans against Presidential candidate Kerry resulted in no trash, violent action, or destruction of property.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Peaceful ‘Marches’ exercise Constitutional First Amendment rights. And they are very good examples of freedom in a free society. But they are also representative of the character of the marchers as well as what they might be protesting against. It appears that the ‘Leaders’ of these anti-Trump marches want face recognition that manifests itself into monetary gain within the margin of theft. Many seem to just have nothing else to do, want to be a part of something, or are paid. Marches can be an example of mob-mentality allowed in a free society by people who may be too lazy to go through the organized methodology required to actually get whatever they want done. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft by the media of limited public time and attention on token, undefined protests by mobs.

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