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General Subject: Climate Change

Climate Change Politics

Ballot creation date: 12/10/2016


Facts: Any global (not local) effect by humans on changes in the weather has not been proven. But many want to tax people for avoidance money (Carbon Footprint) as if humans were responsible for global weather changes. Fact: Many find that the “Global Weather Change” concept is non-political and that, ‘If an astronomer were to state that an asteroid was in danger of hitting earth and that we should do something to deflect it.’, is not a political statement.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It wouldn’t be “political” if everyone could see the asteroid, its movement, and took “vectors” classes in college. It seems particularly non-political, for example, that something had to be done about the steering mechanism in automobiles. The movement had to be controlled a hundred percent to keep the danger of colliding down toward the acceptable level of zero. But then we could actually see the danger, and we (well, most) didn’t need even a two-dimensional course in vectors to see the obvious unhappy alternatives. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the  ‘Political Left’ and the media of public attention on taxing people (carbon footprint) for repeated and un-scientifically ‘proven’ and ‘politically derived for money’ scary things that, by scientific and historical data,  may happen naturally in the distant future.

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