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General Subject: Media

Media Proven Lie 2

Ballot creation date: 12/03/2016


Fact: Yesterday, some of the media [American News HQ] stated “PRES-ELECT CRITICIZED FOR CALLING TAIWAN PREZ” [See photo on home page]. Fact: Other news, and Trump himself, initially stated that the President of Taiwan in fact called him to congratulate him on winning the election. Fact: Precident - Mot Poll Ballot, " Media Proven Lie 1,  9/16/2016”.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

During his transition, and without any crisis, why would the President Elect call Taiwan? This simple reversal of fact is an attempt to show a President Elect as immature in dealing with international concerns before having the formal power to deal with any at all. This is also an example of childish non-journalism that can cause great harm if not immediately corrected, or if seen, remains uncorrected. And it is known that many read the first impression, and never see any correction. This is an extremely harmful manipulation of the news through outright lying. There are FCC license regulations that require integrity. There should be enforcement through punishment of such important requirements and expectations. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft from the truth that American News HQ exhibited which diminished the trust required for viable journalism in a free society.

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