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General Subject: Climate Change

Climate Change 2

Ballot creation date: 11/29/2016


Fact:  The Alaska Dispatch News said (11/24/2016), “The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends.”

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It appears that the judge and jury in Alaska have already decided.... anyone who takes a different view than that of ‘man causes a 36 degree warmer than normal temperature at the North Pole’, is “insane.”. Now we have a couple of choices.... put these insane people in rubber rooms so they are not a threat to the planet and human existence, or take their money now to shuffle around doing what the judge and jury determine to be research costs, with their administrative commissions for effort and overhead up front, to look for indisputable facts that may prove the case during some unknown time era in the future when current proponents of ‘Climate Change’ will all be dead. The latter would also eliminate any lack of taxable working income of the ‘insane’, and the necessity for counseling, therapy, or even the rubber rooms with the required white-suited employment of orderlies with nets and straightjackets. “Climate Change”, formerly “Global Warming”, obviously is not ‘insane’ as its proponents have economical methods for getting things for nothing. This Mot Poll Ballot weighs the theft of integrity and logic by the media mixing psychological judgment with fact, thereby relegating factual assessment as a non-subject for completely rational discussion.

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