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Stein Debacle

Ballot creation date: 11/29/2016


Fact: Presidential Candidate Stein (Green Party) is calling for a recount of popular votes in the States of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Fact: This recount is being largely funded by the Democratic Party. Fact: The three States in question each had a Trump excess of over 10,000 votes to win. Fact: President Obama and Hillary Clinton have both positively endorsed the results of the election. Fact: There has been no voter fraud reported. Fact: Former Presidential Candidate Stein said that we wouldn’t know if there was voter fraud unless we have an investigation. Fact: Former Presidential Candidate Stein also said that this [investigation] doesn’t have anything to do with the election.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

At best, the facts of this MOT Ballot indicate a research endeavor for the good of the country. All would be interested in what, if anything, is found for five million dollars. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of valuable media time, granted by FCC license requirement relative to integrity, by the media’s extensive reporting of a puerile money-grubbing effort.

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